The Asian Art Award supported by Warehouse TERRADA is a new contemporary art award established to provide assistance for emerging artists in Japan with exciting international prospects in Asia and beyond. The award has five finalists, selected by a panel of five curators, competing for two prizes. These finalists have created new work, which is shown at the award exhibition. A jury of seven leading art world figures will then decide the winners of the Grand Prize and Special Award. In addition to prize money, the winner of the Grand Prize will receive the use of a studio space to create new work as well as the opportunity to show their award-winning exhibit in Singapore and at ART FAIR TOKYO. In this way, the award aspires to form a sustainable framework for building a contemporary art scene in Asia from the perspectives of production, criticism, distribution, preservation, and support.

Asian Art Award 2017 supported by Warehouse TERRADA
Art Tokyo Association
Special Sponsor
Warehouse TERRADA
Supported by
Agency for Cultural Affairs
Grand Prize: 1,000,000 JPY
Award-winning work exhibited in Singapore and Tokyo
Art studio space rental (TAC ART STUDIO) for 6-12 months
Special Award: Art studio space rental (TAC ART STUDIO) for 6-12 months

Akihiko Taniguchi, Tomona Matsukawa, Takayuki Yamamoto, Chikako Yamashiro, and contact Gonzo
Profile of Finalists

Exhibition in September - October 2017
Asian Art Award 2017 supported by Warehouse TERRADA Finalists Exhibition
September 23 (Sat.) - October 29 (Sun.), 2017
Tuesday - Thursday & Sunday 11am - 6pm
Friday & Saturday 12pm - 8pm
Closed on Monday
September 27 (Wed.) 1pm - 7:30pm
1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Admission Free

Exhibition in January 2018
Award-winning work will be exhibited in Singapore (Dates & Venue TBC)

Exhibition in March 2018
Award-winning work will be exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo 2018 [9th - 11th March, Tokyo International Forum]


Selection of Finalists

Five internationally minded curators aged in their thirties and forties each nominated 5 artists or artist groups based in Japan. Through a process of dialogue about contemporary art, a shortlist of 5 finalists was selected from these 25 candidates. For the first iteration of the award, the discussion focused on the activities of artists and curators around Asia, and included consideration of the political and social role of art. During the screening, the 5 judges on the jury selected the finalists through a debate on the three keywords of contemporariness, scalability and physicality, based on their respective expertise and experience.

Finalists Shortlist Selection Jury
Keisuke Ozawa
Director, Asian Art Award / Director, art to / Curator
Katsura Kunieda
Curator, Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art
Sachiko Shoji
Curator, Fukuoka Art Museum
Hiroyuki Hattori
Independent curator
Junya Yamamine
Curator, Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito
Profile of Finalists Shortlist Selection Jury

Finalists Exhibition and Selection of Winners

The works of the 5 finalists will be exhibited of the TERRADA ART COMPLEX in Tennoz, Tokyo from 23 September to 29 October 2017. During the exhibition the winners of the Grand Prize and Special Prize will be decided by a special jury member and selection jury of 7 judges based in Japan, Singapore and China.
Comprising curators, collectors and a researcher from the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the jury will draw on their expertise of current art market trends and future horizons to make their selection.
The winner of the Grand Prize will exhibit in Singapore in January 2018, followed by an exhibition at Art Fair Tokyo 2018 in March.

Selection Jury
Yuji Akimoto
Director and Professor, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts / Chief Executive Director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Yuko Hasegawa
Artistic Director, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo / Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts
Joyce Toh
Curatorial Co-Head, Singapore Art Museum
You Yang
Deputy Director, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art
Ryutaro Takahashi
Psychiatrist / Art collector
Daisuke Miyatsu
Art collector / Professor, Yokohama College of Art and Design / Visiting Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design
Yoko Hayashi
Senior Researcher, Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan
Special Jury Member
Kengo Kuma
Architect / Professor, University of Tokyo
Profile of Selection Jury


This award will provide an opportunity for young artists with international prospects to produce new work and exhibit overseas.

Every year Art Tokyo Association organizes ART FAIR TOKYO, which is the largest art platform in Japan, and as such possesses rich experience and networks. This award also brings together organizations as sponsors and supporters who boast the abilities to enhance the value of artists and their art from when their work is created to its exhibition, circulation and storage.

The selected artists will continue their activities as they head toward 2020 and the future. Alongside the new talent, this award will aspire to grow while building connections with the Asian and global art scenes.

Naohiko Kishi
Representative, Art Tokyo Association

Warehouse TERRADA transcends the parameters of a conventional storage business to harness its know-how of space and develop projects as a cultural hub. Especially art projects, which started from the idea of preserving art for 100 years in order to surround the world with art and create a culturally enriched lifestyle a century from now. Going beyond just artwork storage, we aim to support this connection to a 100-year culture through storage and restoration.

This award discovers young artists who are making new endeavors in their artworks and offers them various kinds of support. By supplying a space for the winner to work as well as partnering with TERRADA ART ASSIST Co., Ltd. (former Helutrans-Terrada Co., Ltd.), which was co-founded by Warehouse TERRADA and Helu-Trans (S) Pte Ltd, the largest art transport and storage company in Singapore and with bases all over Asia, the award will assist in overseas development by holding exhibitions in Tokyo and Singapore.

I hope that the award can revitalize the Japanese art scene and help transform art in Japan into an indispensable hub for artists in Asia.

Yoshihisa Nakano
Chief Executive Officer, Warehouse TERRADA

Culture is not mere decoration for our lives but an indispensable foundation of society. In order to create ways for people to come into contact with art in their daily lives as well as provide more opportunities for the work of tireless young artists to be viewed, the Agency for Cultural Affairs has started to use its facilities as an exhibition space.

Alongside opportunities to view art, it is also important to support ways to honor artists with international prospects and disseminate their work both in Japan and overseas. This award not only offers this support but is also a completely new kind of initiative partnering with an art fair and the art market. As such, it can directly connect to the growth of the domestic market, which plays a central role in the “profitable culture” that the Government currently considers of great importance.

I have great hopes for this award to function as a steppingstone for young artists and connect to the expansion of the art market and further promotion of art and culture in Japan.

Ryohei Miyata
Commissioner for Cultural Affairs
Art Tokyo Association
Art Tokyo Association organizes and produces a range of art-related enterprises with the aim of developing the art market in Japan and promoting culture and art. Alongside running ART FAIR TOKYO, the largest art fair in Japan, it contributes to the development of the Japanese art scene by harnessing the network cultivated by the fair to conduct market research and surveys on the art industry in Japan as well as plan art tourism projects introducing regional Japan to foreigners through the framework of art.
Warehouse TERRADA
Since the foundation in 1950, Warehouse TERRADA has been receiving a great reputation both in Japan and abroad in the field of storage technology for highly specialized products, including artwork, audio-visual media, and wine. In recent years, Warehouse TERRADA has focused particularly on a proactive effort to expand art-related business such as organizing museums, an art supply lab, rental art studios and art awards, aiming to make Tennoz a focal point for bringing together, showcasing and disseminating art.
Asian Art Award supported by Warehouse TERRADA Management Office
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