The Asian Art Award supported by Warehouse TERRADA is a contemporary art award established to provide assistance for emerging artists in Japan with exciting international prospects in Asia and beyond. The winner is selected through a two-stage process. A panel of five curators first put forward five artists each to make a shortlist of 20 candidates. The four finalists chosen from these will create new work or the equivalent, which will be exhibited at TERRADA ART COMPLEX in March 2018. During the exhibition, a jury of six international art world figures will decide the recipients of the Grand Prize and Special Award. In addition to the prize money, the Grand Prize winner will receive the use of a studio, and opportunities to exhibit their winning work in Shanghai and at Art Fair Tokyo 2019. As such, the award aspires to form a sustainable framework for building a comprehensive infrastructure of production, evaluation, circulation, and storage that can contribute to the Asian art world in ways that transcend nationality.

Asian Art Award 2018 supported by Warehouse TERRADA
Art Tokyo Association
Special Sponsor
Warehouse TERRADA
eplus inc.
In Cooperation with
Agency for Cultural Affairs

Grand Prize:
1,000,000 JPY
Award-winning work exhibited in Shanghai and at Art Fair Tokyo
Art studio space rental for 6-12 months (TBC)*
Special Award:
Art studio space rental for 6-12 months (TBC)*

Exhibition Venues
March 2018:
TERRADA ART COMPLEX 4F (Tokyo): Finalists (4 artists)
November 2018:
Venue TBC (Shanghai): Grand Prize winner (1 artist)
March 2018:
Art Fair Tokyo 2019 (Tokyo): Grand Prize winner (1 artist)

Finalists Exhibition
Asian Art Award 2018 supported by Warehouse TERRADA Finalists Exhibition
March 3rd (Sat.) – 18th (Sun.), 2018
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 1pm - 7pm
Saturday & Sunday 12pm - 8pm
The exhibition will be closed to the public March 7th for the final judging session.
1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Admission Free
AKI INOMATA / Takehito Koganezawa / Motohiro Tomii / Masahiro Wada
Profile of Finalists
Selection Jury
Yuji Akimoto
Director, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts
 /  Chief Executive Director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Yuko Hasegawa
Artistic Director, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo / Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts
Joyce Toh
Curatorial Co-Head, Singapore Art Museum
You Yang
Deputy Director, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art
Bao Yifeng
Co-founder of ART021
Yoko Hayashi
Senior Researcher & Curator, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan
Special Jury Member
Kengo Kuma
Architect / Professor, The University of Tokyo
Profile of Selection Jury
Finalists Shortlist Selection Jury
Keisuke Ozawa
Director, Asian Art Award / Director, art to / Independent curator
Kodama Kanazawa
Independent curator / Senior Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs, Towada Art Center
Katsura Kunieda
Curator, Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art
Hiroyuki Hattori
Independent Curator
Junya Yamamine
Curator, Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito
Profile of Finalists Shortlist Selection Jury



Art Tokyo Association aspires to develop the direction of art and the art market as well as the overall cultural potential of Japan globally through such activities as organizing Art Fair Tokyo, the largest international art fair in Japan, and conducting surveys of the art industry and market in Japan.

This award provides opportunities for young artists with international prospects to produce new work and exhibit in Japan and overseas. It is realized in cooperation with corporations and organizations who can enhance the value of artists and their art, from exhibiting to assessment, publicizing, circulation, and storage. In addition to these sponsors and partners, it also features leading art world figures as members of the shortlist and selection juries.

I hope that this award can be harnessed as a platform offering new challenges for artists with their sights set on the world stage, and can contribute to publicizing their talent further, and that the award itself continues to evolve through the generous support of all the organizers and our visitors.

Naohiko Kishi
Representative, Art Tokyo Association

Warehouse TERRADA, beyond the traditional warehousing, is striving to develop a business to create a hub to output the new culture by making a full use of our knowledge as a professional in space creation. As for Art, with the philosophy of bridging cultures to the next century, we are offering services extending from the traditional concept of storage to preservation and restoration.

Being the second year of the Asian Art Award supported by Warehouse TERRADA, this year the award will take place concurrently with Art Fair Tokyo 2018. As with last year, Warehouse TERRADA will offer the award winner with a studio space for making new work and opportunities to have exhibition in Tokyo and Shanghai. Through this, we expect that the award would serve as an opportunity for more people to come into contact with art. In partnership with our affiliate, TERRADA ART ASSIST, we will continue to actively support artists.

We hope that the award will be a catalyst for culturing new talent locally as well as internationally and help revitalize the Japanese Art scene.

Yoshihisa Nakano
Chief Executive Officer, Warehouse TERRADA

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games draw closer, it is increasingly important to disseminate the appeal of Japanese arts and culture.

Established in order to create a platform for young artists based in Japan to work globally, this award is a completely new kind of initiative that not only honors artists but also supports ways to spread their work internationally in partnership with an art fair and the art market. As such, it directly connects to the growth of the domestic art market, which is expected to play a central role in the “profitable culture” on which the Government places great importance today.

Now in its second edition, I hope that this award continues growing beyond 2020 as a steppingstone for young artists and, with Japan as a hub for international cultural dissemination, helps to improve mutual understanding between nations as well as our global status.

Ryohei Miyata
Commissioner for Cultural Affairs

Art Tokyo Association

Art Tokyo Association organizes and produces a range of art-related enterprises with the aim of developing the art market in Japan and promoting culture and art. Alongside running ART FAIR TOKYO, the largest art fair in Japan, it contributes to the development of the Japanese art scene by harnessing the network cultivated by the fair to conduct market research and surveys on the art industry in Japan as well as plan art tourism projects introducing regional Japan to foreigners through the framework of art.

Warehouse TERRADA

Since the foundation in 1950, Warehouse TERRADA has been receiving a great reputation both in Japan and abroad in the field of storage technology for highly specialized products, including artwork, audio-visual media, and wine. In recent years, Warehouse TERRADA has focused particularly on a proactive effort to expand art-related business such as organizing museums, an art supply lab, rental art studios and art awards, aiming to make Tennoz a focal point for bringing together, showcasing and disseminating art.
Art Tokyo Association
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