Chikako Yamashiro “Mud Man” (2017 movie version) exhibited at Art Stage Singapore 2018 | ASIAN ART AWARD 2017

At Art Stage Singapore 2018, Art Tokyo Association will exhibit Mud man (2017 Film Ver.) by Chikako Yamashiro, who won the Grand Prize at the Asian Art Award 2017 supported by Warehouse TERRADA (organized by Art Tokyo Association with Warehouse TERRADA as special sponsor).

The Asian Art Award supported by Warehouse TERRADA is a new contemporary art award established in 2017 to provide assistance for emerging artists in Japan with exciting international prospects in Asia and beyond. The award had five finalists, selected by a panel of five curators. These finalists created new work, which were shown at the award exhibition at TERRADA ART COMPLEX in September 2017. A jury comprising art specialists from Singapore, China and Japan then conducted a final assessment of the exhibited works. As a result of the judging, Chikako Yamashiro was awarded the inaugural Grand Prize for Mud man (2017 Film Ver.)

The final judging process examined the exhibits from the perspectives of introducing artists based in Japan within the Asian art scene, the expression of and critical approaches to social and cultural conditions in Japan, and the fresh viewpoints and insights they presented not only about Japan but also broader Asian contexts. One of the members of the award jury, Yuji Akimoto, explained the reason Yamashiro was selected over the other finalists.

“This work is formed out of the contradictions and difficulties that inevitably arise whenever a generation who has not experienced war directly tells a story about war. Poetically unfolding across the spatial expanses of Okinawa and Jeju Island as well as the temporal layers of the Battle of Okinawa during the Pacific War and the Vietnam War, it conveyed the artist’s highly individual perspective on how we can examine the political problems latent in places all over the world.”
(Excerpt from the Asian Art Award 2017 supported by Warehouse TERRADA official catalogue)

Alongside introducing the work of the winner of the inaugural Grand Prize to art collectors, curators, artists, and art lovers attending Art Stage Singapore 2018 and Singapore Art Week 2018, Art Tokyo Association aims to propose new perspectives and debate about the complex and diverse region that is Asia in order to help energize its art world.