Kento Oganazawa “Collapsed New Architecture” Exhibited at 2018 ART021 Shanghai | ASIAN ART AWARD 2018

Asian Art Award 2018 supported by Warehouse TERRADA

Grand Prize Winner
Takehito Koganezawa Collapsing new buildings

2018 Collapsing new buildings Video, clay, cement, mirror, wood panel, light bulbs, electric cable, bottle caps

09–11 November 2018 at 2018 ART021 SHANGHAI Contemporary Art Fair

Shanghai Exhibition Center
Booth No. N01   At 2018 ART021 SHANGHAI Contemporary Art Fair, Art Tokyo Association will exhibit Collapsing new buildings by Takehito Koganezawa, who won the Grand Prize at the Asian Art Award 2018 supported by Warehouse TERRADA (organized by Art Tokyo Association with Warehouse TERRADA as special sponsor). The Asian Art Award supported by Warehouse TERRADA is a new contemporary art award estab-lished in 2017 to provide assistance for emerging artists in Japan with exciting international prospects in Asia and beyond. The award had four finalists in the 2018 edition, selected by a panel of fivecurators. These finalists created new work, which were shown at the award exhibition at TERRADA ART COMPLEX, Tokyo in March 2018. A jury comprising art specialists from China, Singapore and Japan then conducted a final assessment of the exhibited works. As a result of the judging, Takehito Koganezawa was awarded the Grand Prize for the installa-tion, which consists of Collapsing new buildings, Drawing in Pursuit (circle) and Excerpts from “Himejiya,” “The way to a bar called Hokuriku,” “Inside Himejiya,” and “Mr. Yamana”.   The final judging process examined the exhibits from the perspectives of introducing artists based in Japan within the Asian art scene, the expression of and critical approaches to social and cultural conditions in Japan, and the fresh viewpoints and insights they presented not only about Japan but also broader Asian contexts. One of the members of the award jury, Yuji Akimoto, explained the reason Koganezawa was selected over the other finalists.

“THaving returned to Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture last year after living in Germany for a long time, the artist exhibited on the outer wall of the space a humorous work in the form of a documentary film about a certain person in Onomichi, alongside an installation inside with two videos—Drawing in Pursuit and Collapsing new buildings—that comprised rotating camera frames. Each of the three works seems to have its own vector, though penetrating through them all is the key idea of constant movement, while the perception of the world by this artist who has continued to make kinetic works as well as the level of perfection achieved in his work adroitly united them into a single space. ” (Excerpt from the Asian Art Award 2017 supported by Warehouse TERRADA official catalogue)

Alongside introducing the work of the winner of the Grand Prize to art collectors, curators, artists, and art lovers attending ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Art Tokyo Association aims to propose new perspectives and debate about the complex and diverse region that is Asia in order to help energize its art world.

Takehito Koganezawa Born in Tokyo in 1974 After graduating from the Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Musashino Art University, TakehitoKoganezawa relocated to Berlin in 1999 and spent 18 years there before returning to Japan in 2017. Starting from his interest in time, he employs various approaches exploring shifts in consciousness, from the use ofeveryday objects to shamanism. His choice of media is extensive, ranging from video to drawing, performance, sculpture, and installation. He has exhibited at such large international festivals as the Manifesta 4(Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2002) and Aichi Triennale 2010. Major solo exhibitions include “KOGANEZAWA”(Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich, 2009), “Luftlinien” (Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, 2012), and “Future of Smoke”(Spiral, Tokyo, 2016). Propagation of Electric Current | 2009 | 223 fluorescent lamps, timer | Dimensions variable Graffiti of Velocity | 2008 | Multichannel video installation | Dimensions variable